Terrestrial / Upland Humus forms or Semi-terrestrial / Aquatic Humus forms

Substrate / Site poorly or very poorly drained, moisture regime > 5.

Mull L, Ah

Diagnostic organic horizons (F and H) lacking intimate association of colloidal organic matter with mineral substrate (well developed Ah).

Moder L, F, Hi, (Ah)

Hi horizon present, organic horizons not clearly delineated from mineral substrate.

Mor L, F, H

Hi horizon absent, organic horizons sharply delineated from mineral substrate.

Semi-terestrial or Aquatic Humus Forms

Of, Om, Oh present

Peaty Mor (L), (F), O(f, m, h)

Of, Om, Oh present

Fibric PeatyMor

Dominatly Of material

Mesic PeatyMor

Dominatly Om material

Humic PeatyMor